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Delivering Your Completed Videos

One of the most common questions that people ask me is a variation on this question:

"How do you deliver completed videos?"

And many people add that it's more difficult now that DVD's and Blu-rays are declining.

This 31-minute mini-course demonstrates five different alternatives to DVD's (or Blu-rays) for delivering completed video.

In the mini-course I also demonstrate the difference between "Master" and "Delivery" files. I briefly review what codecs are and why they're important, and then I show how to deliver the completed video using five different methods (that I personally use in my video work).

By the way, the reason I actively use all of these methods is because some methods are better in certain situations than others. In the mini-course, I demonstrate why you might consider different delivery methods for different situations.

I hope you find the information useful!


  1. Welcome and Getting Started
  2. Delivery File
  3. Method #1
  4. Method #2
  5. Method #3
  6. Method #4
  7. Method #5 and Conclusion