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The Mastery Group Membership

This membership will give you instant access to the Mastery Group video library (currently more than 300 videos) along with additional members-only resources such as online virtual workshops.

Mastery Group members get:

  • Instant access to a large library of training videos - More than 300 video tutorials that show you the fundamentals of video.
  • New Benefit: Access to additional members-only content such as royalty-free music and royalty-free templates.

Get Instant Access to the Mastery Group Video Library

The Mastery Group Membership gives you immediate access to a large library of more than 300 video tutorials!

My video library will become available to you immediately once you sign up for a membership.

These are some of the subjects covered in the tutorials:

  • Composition guidelines such as The Rule of Thirds - Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, this one simple rule can make a big impact on the imagery in your footage.
  • Lighting guidelines such as Three Point Lighting - This is the most fundamental of all lighting techniques. Every video shooter should know it, and many of my video tutorials show you how to create a three point lighting setup, why you might want to create it, and several variations such as short lighting, broad lighting, and contrast ratios.
  • Audio Fundamentals - How do you get good audio with your video? What kind of gear should you use? All of these audio questions are answered in my video tutorials.
  • Editing techniques - I personally use editing software from Apple, such as Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor. My video library includes tips and techniques for all of these apps.

Please note: The Mastery Group library of tutorials is separate from the stand-alone courses that I sell. The stand-alone courses (such as my courses on Final Cut Pro X and Motion) are not included with a membership.

With over 300 videos in the member library, the videos cover a wide variety of subjects.