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Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial for 10.3

This Final Cut Pro X tutorial will get you started with editing in this powerful program.

It contains 36 videos, totaling 2 hours and 38 minutes of video training.
I hope this Final Cut Pro X training is helpful. Enjoy!

Some feedback I've received about this tutorial:

"Your tutorials are so comprehensive, informative and easy to follow that I can’t think of anything else I would need to know to start serious editing.

Thanks so much for making the tutorials available."- Rob M.

"Although I have been using Final Cut Pro for about a year, this is one of the best Final Cut Pro tutorials I have encountered. I watched the entire series in one sitting! What I especially liked was that I could pause the lesson and experiment/practice on my own files as I followed along with your tutorials.

I would highly recommend this to anyone starting to use Final Cut Pro X. Great job!!!" - Frank P.

"I found nuggets in almost every lesson that filled in a gap (pun intended) or made the magnetic timeline make a lot more sense. The lessons were all easy to digest and it really beat the heck out of reading the manual." - Paul A.

"I think I have communicated this to you before but your tutorials are excellent. They are clear, concise and easy to follow and understand." - Samuel K.

Below are the videos in the course. Click on the links to watch them.


  1. 01. Introduction
  2. 02. Getting Ready
  3. 03. Importing
  4. 04. Tour of the Interface
  5. 05. Organizing
  6. 06. Keywords
  7. 07. Search
  8. 08. Playback
  9. 09. Types of Edits
  10. 10. Adding Music
  11. 11. Markers
  12. 12. Adjusting Volume
  13. 13. Tools
  14. 14. Trim Tool
  15. 15. Cutaways
  16. 17. Transitions
  17. 18. The Flow Transition
  18. 19. Titles
  19. 20. Gap Clips
  20. 21. Built-In Effects
  21. 22. Ken Burns Effect
  22. 23. Effects
  23. 24. Render Files
  24. 25. Generators
  25. 26. Compound Clips
  26. 27. Storylines
  27. 28. Auditions
  28. 29. Speed Changes
  29. 30. Freeze Frames
  30. 31. Fine-Tuning
  31. 32. Stabilization
  32. 33. Color Correction
  33. 35. Analyze Footage