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Intro to GarageBand (for version 10.1.2)

Welcome to my "Introduction to GarageBand" tutorial!

This course includes 31 videos, totaling more than 2.5 hours of training.

Throughout this course, we'll cover topics such as:

  • How to use the different parts of the GarageBand interface
  • How to use Apple Loops as building blocks for creating music
  • How to use the different kinds of tracks
  • How to use automation

And a whole lot more...

My focus in the course is to help you get started with using GarageBand to make your own music. Whether you want to make music for video projects or you just want to get started making your own music, this course should help.

Along the way, we'll create two different projects:

In the first project, we’ll create a piece of music completely out of loops. If you want to become comfortable working with loops, this project will certainly help.

In the second project, we’ll create a custom piece of music from scratch, track by track.

Even if you don’t know anything about reading music notation or music theory, you can get started making your own music in GarageBand.

That’s the focus of this course.

What people are saying about this training...

"I just finished your GarageBand tutorial course. Great job! Your instructional videos are on a vastly higher level than others available, particularly several that are on YouTube, or other free sources. Your audio and video are so clear and concise...Such a great jumpstart on learning. Keep it up." - David S.

"Just a note to tell you how much I’m enjoying the GarageBand tutorial. I’m quite musical and have taken lessons on various instruments over the years but I’ve never had the patience to learn GarageBand via a written manual. The video tutorials make it fun and easy...Well done!" - Steven F.

"I found the training thorough without being overwhelming. Your voice and cadence helped make the program interesting, clear, and easy to understand. From my perspective it would be very difficult to suggest improvements. Thank you very much for this offering. You ROCK!" - Steve J.

Note: I use GarageBand version 10.1.2 in the course.


  1. Welcome
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Starting a New Project
  4. The Loop Browser
  5. The Cycle Range
  6. Adding a Bass Line
  7. Track Headers
  8. Start verse
  9. Arrangement Markers
  10. Adding Sound Effects
  11. Exporting
  12. Project End Marker
  13. Musical Typing
  14. The Library
  15. Record Software Instrument
  16. The Piano Roll
  17. Quantize
  18. More with the Piano Roll
  19. Adding a Bass Line
  20. The Score Editor
  21. Smart Controls
  22. Equalization (E.Q.)
  23. The Arpeggiator
  24. The Drummer
  25. Drummer Performance
  26. Recording Audio
  27. Audio Editor
  28. Mixing
  29. The Master Track
  30. Automation
  31. Help