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Multicam in Final Cut Pro X

Welcome to my "Multicam in Final Cut Pro X" training!

What is "multicam"?

When you capture video of the same thing from multiple camera angles, you can create a special kind of clip in Final Cut Pro X called a "multicam clip", and then cut back and forth between the different angles.

It's a lot of fun and very powerful!

If you want to learn the fundamentals of working with multicam in Final Cut Pro X, this tutorial will help you get up and running.

You'll get hands-on experience because it includes two different multicam projects that you can edit yourself as you follow along with the videos.

This tutorial is 22 videos long, totaling 1 hour and 37 minutes. And it's focused all around multicam.

* I use Final Cut Pro X version 10.3.2 in the videos.


  1. Welcome
  2. Setting Up
  3. Camera Names
  4. Camera Name Auto
  5. Camera Angles
  6. Creating Multicam Clips
  7. The Angle Editor
  8. Automatic Sync
  9. Partially Automatic Sync
  10. Sync Manually
  11. The Angle Viewer
  12. Cut and Switch
  13. Switch Modes
  14. Fine-Tuning Our Edit
  15. Timeline Switching
  16. Parent-Child
  17. Fade Audio
  18. Performance Optimization
  19. Manual Sync
  20. Edit 2nd Project
  21. Backup Multicam Clips
  22. Custom Workspace