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Telling Stories with Final Cut Pro X

Welcome to my "Telling Stories with Final Cut Pro X" tutorial!

This course contains 16 videos, totaling 1 hour 46 minutes of training.

Follow along with me as I edit a miniature documentary. You'll have a chance to work with:

  • Interview footage
  • B-Roll
  • Voice-Overs
  • Titles
  • Color Correction

All the sample media I use in the course is downloadable, so you can work on the same footage I'm using as you follow along.

I hope you love it!

(Please note that I use version 10.2.3 of Final Cut Pro X for this training. While the concepts are still the same, the Final Cut interface has changed, so things will look different.)


  1. Getting Started
  2. Reviewing Assets
  3. Opening and Closing Shots
  4. Start the Rough Edit
  5. Continue with the Rough Edit
  6. Narration
  7. Recording the Narration
  8. Adjusting Timing
  9. Trimming the Interview
  10. B-Roll
  11. Timing Music with the Project
  12. Fine-Tuning Audio
  13. Color Correction
  14. EQ Filter for Separation
  15. Subtitles and Transitions
  16. Conclusion