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Text in Motion

This tutorial will help you get comfortable using text in Motion.

Text is a powerful and important part of creating videos, and Motion has amazing tools for creating text for videos.

Whether you're creating simple titles, lower thirds, or scrolling credits, text is likely part of your process.

Get comfortable using Motion's text capabilities with this tutorial.


  1. Welcome
  2. The Basics
  3. Fonts
  4. The Face
  5. Text Outline
  6. The Format Pane
  7. Text Styles
  8. Paragraph Layout Method
  9. Paragraph Tabs
  10. Text on a Path
  11. Glyphs
  12. The Move Behavior
  13. Using Keyframes to Animate Text
  14. The Type on Behavior
  15. The Tracking Behavior
  16. Scrolling Text
  17. Crawling Text
  18. Animate Text on a Path
  19. Animate at the Glyph Level
  20. Sequence Text Presets
  21. Sequence Text Fundamentals
  22. Sequence Text Controls
  23. Create a Custom Animation