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What is this?

I made these Final Cut Pro templates specifically to replace using Keynote or PowerPoint slides in video projects.

The two main problems with using slides in Final Cut Pro projects are:

  1. If you need to make a change to a slide, you have to open it in Keynote (or PowerPoint), make the change, export the slide, and then reimport it back into your Final Cut Pro project. Editing a slide should be easier than this.
  2. Video is a medium that can take advantage of movement, so instead of using static slides that just sit there frozen in time, it would be better if there were animation and motion to increase the visual interest for the viewer.

That's where these Flow Module templates for Final Cut Pro come in. I designed them to work in a manner similar to slides with different looks and styles, but you can edit them directly inside Final Cut Pro.

Also, every template includes continuous motion to take advantage of the video medium.

Whether you're making slideshows about products, people, or simply sharing information with an audience, you might find these free Final Cut Pro templates useful.

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Technical Information

  • Required minimum version of Final Cut Pro: 10.4.1 or newer
  • Download size: about 60 MB
  • Useable in projects up to 4K

Frequent Questions

Are these templates really free?
Yes, they are completely free for you to use in any kind of video project, personal or commercial. All you need to do to get them is register with your email address above.

How do we install the templates?
The download includes a video with step-by-step instructions on how to install the templates. If you follow the instructions in the video, you should have no problem installing the templates.

The videos, photos, and music in the demo videos are not included in the templates.