Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

This Final Cut Pro X tutorial will get you started with editing in Apple's powerful video editing program.

It contains 21 videos, totaling about 3 hours of video training, and it includes downloadable practice media so you can use the same media you see me using in the videos, as you follow along.

This course covers a wide variety of topics related to learning Final Cut Pro X, such as:

  • The different parts of the Final Cut Pro X interface, and how to use them
  • How to import footage
  • How to edit video projects
  • How to organize your footage
  • How to add music and time edits to the music
  • How to use slow motion and other effects
  • How to export your completed video project
  • And whole lot more...

Tens of thousands of people have used my Final Cut Pro X tutorials to learn how to edit in Final Cut Pro X, and right now I'm giving away this Basic Final Cut Pro X tutorial for free.

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(Note: This video series uses version 10.4.3 of Final Cut Pro X.)