Bundle: Intro to Motion Training and Drop Scene Collection image


Bundle: Intro to Motion Training and Drop Scene Collection

This bundle is no longer available at the promotional price.

This bundle includes two products:

  1. A new session of my "Intro to Motion" training.
  2. A collection of 20 animated Drop Scenes for Final Cut Pro

Separately the full price of these products would be $79 each (or $158 total), but you can get them both in this bundle for only $29.

About the Drop Scenes

This collection includes 20 "Drop Scenes". I'm calling them Drop Scenes, because each 3D animated scene includes at least one drop zone. You can use them to reveal a logo, show a video clip, or really display any image in your Final Cut Pro project.

Here is a short video that shows all 20 scenes included in the collection:

About the Intro to Motion training

The "Intro to Motion" training this time will be completely live. I'll host three one-hour training sessions, which will begin by covering basic concepts and progress all the way to the point of building a custom 3D transition for Final Cut Pro in the third session.

If you've been wanting to get comfortable with Motion, this is your chance.

I have outlines for what I want to cover in the three sessions, but I'm going to remain a bit flexible in this area because I'll adjust to what participants want to learn. Here's the outline as of now:

Session 1

  • What is Motion, and what can you do with it?
  • Starting, saving, managing projects
  • Intro to the Interface
  • Where to find more help?
  • The Inspector and the HUD
  • The Library
  • Intro to Tools and the Toolbar
  • Coordinates
  • Layout Helpers
  • Adding Content and Outside Assets
  • Layers, the Layer List, Managing Layers and Groups
  • Transform Layers
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Shapes
  • Compositing, Opacity, and Blend Modes
  • Color Solid
  • Gradient
  • Share/Export from Motion
  • Q&A and Additional Demonstrations as Needed

Session 2

  • Review from Previous Session
  • The Timeline and Mini-Timeline
  • Markers
  • Animate with Behaviors
  • Animate with Keyframes
  • Motion Blur
  • Work with Audio
  • Particle Systems
  • Masks
  • Bezier Shapes and B-Spline Shapes
  • Design Tips and Techniques
  • Clones

Session 3

  • Review from previous session
  • Intro to 3D
  • Camera
  • 3D coordinates
  • Navigating in 3D Space
  • Viewports
  • 3D transform tools
  • Depth of Field
  • Lights
  • Reflections
  • Shadows
  • Keyframe Editor
  • Replicators
  • Publishing Parameters for Final Cut Pro
  • Transition Template
  • More on Exporting from Motion


Can you purchase these products separately?
Currently, these aren't available separately. The good news is that the price for both of them is less than the typical price for one of my products. So even if you only want one product, you should get this bundle.

Will the Drop Scenes work in older versions of Final cut Pro?
The Drop Scenes require the most current version of Final Cut Pro, which is 10.4.8 right now. If you don't have the current version yet, you could optionally get these now while they're discounted, and then they'll work once you upgrade your Final Cut Pro installation.

Can you change the duration of the Drop Scenes?
Yes, you can extend the duration of any drop scene in the project timeline, and the last frame will hold as long as you want it to hold.

Do you have other questions that I haven't answered on this page? Feel free to send me an email and ask. :)