Bundle: Organize and Catalog Your Videos Training and Drop Scene Collection #3 image


Bundle: Organize and Catalog Your Videos Training and Drop Scene Collection #3

The discount for this bundle is no longer available.

This bundle includes two products:

  1. New "Organize and Catalog Your Video" training.
  2. A new collection of 20 animated Drop Scenes for Final Cut Pro

Separately the full price of these products would be $79 each (or $158 total), but you can get them both in this bundle for only $37.

About the Drop Scenes

This collection includes 20 new "Drop Scenes". Each 3D animated scene includes a drop zone. You can use them to reveal a logo, show a video clip, or really display any image in your Final Cut Pro project.

Here is a short video that shows all 20 scenes included in the collection:

About the "Organize and Catalog Your Video" training

The "Organize and Catalog Your Video" training will be live training. I'll host two one-hour training sessions where I'll demonstrate two alternative sets of tools and techniques you can use to organize and catalog your video. I get lots of questions about organizing video, and this training should help.

If you've been wanting to explore different tools and techniques for organizing and cataloging your video, this is your chance.

This bundle is only available at this deeply-discounted price until October 9, 2020, so make sure you get it right away.


When will the live training sessions take place?
I've scheduled the live training sessions for Oct. 16th and 23rd at 10:30am Pacific time (UTC-7). Those should be the times for the live sessions, assuming nothing goes wrong.

Keep in mind that if you can't attend the sessions live, you'll still get the recording of the sessions. In fact, you'll get the recordings whether you attend live or not. :)

Can you purchase these products separately?
Currently, these aren't available separately. The good news is that the price for both of them is the typical sale price for one of my products. So even if you only want one product, you should get this bundle.

Will the Drop Scenes work in older versions of Final cut Pro?
The Drop Scenes require at least version 10.4.10 of Final Cut Pro to work "out of the box", but if you get the collection and have an older version of Final Cut Pro (back to version 10.4.6), send me an email and I'll give you instructions on how to get the templates working in your older version of Final Cut Pro. (This is a work-around that I've recently learned, and customers have told me they tried it, and it worked for them.)

Can you change the colors in the Drop Scenes?
Yes, if a Drop Scene includes color elements, you can change the colors in the Inspector within Final Cut Pro.

Can you change the duration of the Drop Scenes?
Yes, you can extend the duration of any drop scene in the project timeline, and the last frame will hold as long as you want it to hold.

Do you have other questions that I haven't answered on this page? Feel free to send me an email and ask. :)