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Intro to GarageBand

Welcome to my new "Introduction to GarageBand" tutorial!

This tutorial includes 40 videos, totaling almost 3.5 hours of training.

Throughout this tutorial, we'll cover topics such as:

  • How to use the various parts of the GarageBand interface
  • How to use Apple Loops as building blocks for creating music
  • How to use the different kinds of tracks
  • How to use automation
  • How to use (and adjust) plugins
  • How to make music for a video
  • And a whole lot more...

My focus in the tutorial is to help you get comfortable using GarageBand to make your own music. Whether you want to make music for video projects or you just want to get started making your own music, this tutorial should help.

We'll start by working on two different projects to get familiar with the fundamentals before we explore even more of what GarageBand has to offer:

In the first project, we'll create a piece of music completely out of loops. If you want to become comfortable working with loops, this project will certainly help.

In the second project, we'll create a custom piece of music from scratch, track by track, instrument by instrument.

You'll get a firm grasp of GarageBand's capabilities.

Even if you don't know anything about reading music notation or music theory, you can get started making your own music in GarageBand.

That's the focus of this tutorial!

(I use GarageBand for Mac version 10.3.1 for these videos.)


What is the difference between this tutorial and the previous one?

This one uses the newest version of GarageBand (some changes to the interface) and it covers more material, along with the material from the previous one. That’s why this tutorial is so much longer — about an hour longer than the previous tutorial.