Intro to Motion: July 2018 Session

This Intro to Motion session is now open for registration!

This course includes:

  • 22 training videos, totaling almost 2 hours
  • Three 90 minute online virtual workshops (These workshops have already taken place, and the recordings are inside the course.)

That's almost 6.5 hours of training!

I'm very excited about it, and I hope it's super useful and valuable to you.

What does the course cover?


Who is this course for?
If you've never used Motion before and you want to learn it, this course is for you.

If you've used Motion before, but you want to become more familiar with the fundamentals, this course is for you.

If you're already super comfortable with Motion, this course probably isn't for you.

How long will this session run?
This session will start on July 1st and run throughout the month of July. The workshop sessions will be spread out during that timeframe.

If you don't finish during that time, it's okay because you can finish whenever you want. There is no deadline.

How much of a time commitment will this require?
The amount of time you put into the session is up to you. If you want to really dig in and spend several hours per week studying Motion, you can. If you want to spend a few minutes here and there, you can do that too.

When will the workshops happen?
Most likely they'll be scheduled for Friday mornings around 11am Arizona time because this time usually allows for the most people from around the world to "attend".

How long will you have access to the content?
Access doesn't expire, so it will be available to you as long as this site is around (which hopefully will be for a long time).

Are the videos downloadable?
Yes, all the videos are downloadable so you can keep them on your computer as long as you want. I just ask that you please don't share them with others.

Can you purchase it now and watch the content later when you have more time?
Yes, you could do that. You can watch the videos (including the recordings of the workshops after they happen) anytime you want.

If you've been through a previous session of this course, should you take it again?
That depends on your preference. The content of the video series and the workshops are the same as the previous session, but of course because the workshops are live, they sometimes cover different things as I answer questions, etc. If you've taken my "Intro to Motion" course before, watch your email for a separate discount for returning customers.