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Spectacle Flow Modules Collection

I'm thrilled to announce that my new "Spectacle" collection of Flow Modules for Final Cut Pro is now available!

This collection includes ten themes, with six templates and one transition in each theme. That's a total of 70 items included.

The main purpose for these Flow Module templates is to replace using slides in videos that you make. Instead of using Keynote slides or PowerPoint slides, you can use these directly inside Final Cut Pro.

The two main advantages to using Flow Modules instead of slides are:

  1. You can edit the text and imagery directly inside the Final Cut Pro timeline.
  2. They contain continuous animation which can add visual interest to your projects. Animation tends to be more interesting for a viewer than a static slide image.

The Included Themes

There are ten themes included in the collection. Each theme includes six title templates and one matching transition.

These videos show what each theme looks like:

Theme 149

Theme 148

Theme 147

Theme 140

Theme 141

Theme 142

Theme 143

Theme 144

Theme 145

Theme 146

Technical Details

  • Required Version of Final Cut Pro: 10.4.1 (or higher)
  • Download File Size: 66 MB
  • Number of Templates Included: 60 Titles, and 10 Transitions
  • Video Frame Sizes: Up to 4K, 3,840x2,160
  • Is audio included: No audio or sample footage is included


Do you need Motion to use these themes?
No, you do not need Motion. You can use them in Final Cut Pro as they are, and there are several customization capabilities within Final Cut Pro directly. If you have Motion too, you can open them in Motion and do even further customization.

Do the Drop Zones in the themes work with photos as well as video?
Yes, you can put either photos or video clips inside the drop zones.

Can you adjust the text in the templates?
Yes, all of the current text is placeholder text that you can replace and customize as you need.

Can you adjust the duration of the templates in a project?
Yes, you can adjust the duration in Final Cut Pro by trimming or extending the clip in your project like you would any other clip. As you adjust the duration, it will change the speed of the animations accordingly.

If you have more questions that I haven't answered here, please email me and ask. I want to make sure you get all your questions answered. :)