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Advanced Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

This advanced tutorial picks up where my beginner’s tutorial left off (Intro to Final Cut Pro X). It goes much deeper into the capabilities of Final Cut Pro X.

This tutorial includes:

  • 37 training videos, more than 3.5 hours total
  • Downloadable project media, so you can work on the same content you see me using in the videos

My Advanced Final Cut Pro X training includes topics such as:

  • Multicam – techniques for working with multicam clips, such as creating them, editing them, changing angles, adjusting synchronization, color correcting, and more.
  • Green screen (chroma key) – techniques for keying, adjusting, and polishing green screen
  • Audio techniques – advanced audio techniques and controls you can use in Final Cut Pro X
  • Animating and Compositing – create complex animations using keyframes, blend modes, and compositing techniques
  • Ken Burns – create the Ken Burns effect manually so you can take total control of your image animations
  • Color Correction and Color Grading – techniques for working with color in Final Cut Pro X, to fix problems, match shots, and create the looks you want.
  • Roles – Learn the benefits of roles and how to use them
  • Re-Linking, Organizing, and Metadata – Final Cut Pro X has powerful organization capabilities, and I show you how to use them

Questions and Answers

Q: How long will I have access to the tutorial?
A: Your access to the tutorial doesn't expire.


  1. 01. Welcome and Importing Media
  2. 02. Intro to Green Screen
  3. 03. The Keyer Effect
  4. 04. Advanced Keyer Tools
  5. 05. More Advanced Keyer Tools
  6. 06. Adding a Mask
  7. 07. Blend Modes
  8. 08. Audio Channels
  9. 09. Audio Levels
  10. 10. Using Gap Clips to Control Timing
  11. 11. Add Photos
  12. 12. The Ken Burns Effect
  13. 13. Using Keyframes
  14. 14. More on the Ken Burns Effect
  15. 15. Audio Faders
  16. 16. The Trim Tool and Slip Edit
  17. 17. The Audio Inspector
  18. 18. Audio Effects
  19. 19. Split Edits
  20. 20. Audio Components
  21. 21. Multicam Clips
  22. 22. The Angle Viewer
  23. 23. The Angle Editor
  24. 24. The Angle Editor: Manual Sync
  25. 25. The Angle Editor Sync Tools
  26. 26. Preparing Angles
  27. 27. Multicam Workflow
  28. 28. Intro to Color Correction
  29. 29. Video Scopes for Color Correction
  30. 30. Color Matching
  31. 31. Color Grading
  32. 32. Adding a Generator Intro
  33. 33. Motion Paths
  34. 34. Metadata
  35. 35. Roles
  36. 36. Relink Media Files
  37. 37. The Command Editor