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Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

My goal with this Final Cut Pro X tutorial is to help you get comfortable editing video with Final Cut Pro X. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate-level user, this course should help.

It contains 21 videos and totals about 3 hours in training. And it includes downloadable practice media you can use to follow along.

Below are the videos in the course. Click on the links to watch them.


  1. Welcome and Getting Started
  2. Tour of the Interface
  3. The Browser
  4. Keywords and Organization
  5. Projects and the Timeline
  6. Different Types of Edits
  7. Freeze Frames and Hold Segments
  8. Adding Music to the Project
  9. Adding Photos and Adjusting Volume
  10. The Trim Tool
  11. The Precision Editor
  12. Storylines
  13. Built-in Effects
  14. Effects
  15. Auditions
  16. Compound Clips
  17. Titles and Generators
  18. Transitions
  19. Speed Changes, Slow Motion, and the Timeline Index
  20. Color Correction
  21. Importing, Exporting, and Conclusion