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Intro to Motion: July 2018 Session

Welcome to my "Intro to Motion: July 2018" training session!

If you're looking to get up and running with the basics of using Apple's excellent motion graphics application called Motion, this is a great way to get started.

It contains a series of training videos, along with three different online workshops where we'll work through Motion projects in order to learn the fundamentals of using Motion.

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(The first lesson is also where you'll find the download links for the practice media and videos.)


  1. 01. Welcome
  2. 03. Preparations
  3. 04. The Interface
  4. 05. The Shape Tool
  5. 06. The Text Tool
  6. 07. Lines in Motion
  7. 08. Curved Lines
  8. 09. The B-Spline Tool
  9. 10. Line Styles
  10. 11. Adding Color with Filters
  11. 12. Adding Texture
  12. 13. Markers
  13. 14. Keyframes and Animation
  14. 15. More Animation
  15. 16. Text Behaviors
  16. 17. "Pop" Animation
  17. 18. More Visual Interest
  18. 19. Exporting
  19. 20. Starting Project #2
  20. 21. Particle Emitters
  21. 22. Timing Text to Audio
  22. 23. A Few More Tips and Conclusion