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Motion - Level 2 Tutorial

Welcome to my new "Motion - Level 2" tutorial!

This tutorial includes 28 videos, totaling 2 hours, 49 minutes of training.

In the training, I assume that you're already familiar with the very basics of using Motion. However, this training isn't super advanced. So even if you're only a little familiar with Motion, you should be okay with this.

Throughout this tutorial, we'll cover topics such as:

  • Working with timebars in the video timeline
  • Clone Layers
  • Image Masks
  • Replicators
  • The Link Parameter behavior
  • Managing Colors
  • Timing layers to audio
  • Keyframes and the keyframe editor
  • Interpolation methods
  • Time-saving tips
  • And a whole lot more.

My focus in the tutorial is to help you get to the next level with Apple's Motion.

We'll work on two different projects, but the goal isn't really to complete the projects themselves; it's to learn and explore. We use the projects as tools to help learn important concepts and techniques for working in Motion.

(I use Motion version 5.4.3 for these videos.)

Questions and Answers

Can I get the tutorial now and then watch it later when I'm ready?

Yes, you can do this. In fact, you can even download the entire series to your computer and watch it whenever you want, wherever you want.

What if I'm not familiar with Motion at all?

If you're a quick learner, it's possible that you could follow this tutorial, but it might be better to go through my "Intro to Motion" training first.

Are the videos downloadable?

Yes, all of the course videos are downloadable. You'll find the download link on the first page of the course beneath the first embedded video.