Coming Soon: "Telling Stories with Final Cut Pro X"

Published on April 7, 2016

Okay, I have some exciting news for you today!

I'll be launching a new Final Cut Pro X course next week. :)

This one is different from my other ones because it focuses on telling stories with Final Cut Pro X.

In the past, I've shown in my Basic and Advanced courses how the different parts of Final Cut Pro X work.

But this new course is different because it's less about how the parts work and more about how to use the parts to tell a story.

The demo project is a miniature documentary with interviews, B-roll, voice-overs, music, etc.

If you're a Final Cut Pro X user, I think you'll love this course.

This has been a very popular request from people, and I'm excited to announce that I finally made it for you.

And it's coming next week!

I still have more to do, so I need to get back to work...


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