Example Final Cut Pro Project: How to Create an Animated Slideshow

Published on February 5, 2021

Here is the recording of this morning's webinar where I demonstrated the process of building an animated slideshow project in Final Cut Pro:

You can download this video here. (about 190 MB)

While I create the slideshow, I also share a bunch of Final Cut Pro tips and tricks along the way.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event live, and I hope the recording is useful to the folks who couldn't make it.

You can click here to learn more about the Flow Modules. (As I write this, there are still a couple days left to get the discount and bonuses that are part of the current promotion.)


carlabergele on February 4, 2021 wrote:

this was great thanks so much.

izzyhyman on February 4, 2021 wrote:

Sure thing. I'm glad you liked it. :)

swsvideo on February 4, 2021 wrote:

Hi Izzy
Great to watch you working through your workflow. Is it possible to download your recording - I joined your presentation the other night (2am West Aus time - probably why the zoom was ok :)) but internet is very slow at the moment and makes it hard to follow and work through watching the video again on line. I have just bought the modules - decided to after watching you demonstrate and good starting point to adapt in motion too. Thanks. (member 11 years now). Cheers Chris&Pauline

mikehulme on February 5, 2021 wrote:


Just managed to watch the recording here in the UK - excellent! Great tips and tricks too. Many thanks and look forward to the next one. However it does make me a little lazy, as I do not need to learn Motion to any detailed degree as you have done all the work for us.... thanks:-)

Keep safe


izzyhyman on February 5, 2021 wrote:

@Chris, I just added a link above to download the video. Thanks for the kind words and for sticking with me for 11 years (Wow!). :)

@Mike, thanks for watching and I'm glad you liked it. Yes, the templates can be a real time-saver. It's why I make them, and then use them myself. I don't think of it as "lazy" as much as good time-management. ;)

swsvideo on February 5, 2021 wrote:

Thank you very much for the download link, all the best, Cheers Chris

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