Free Final Cut Pro X Title: Holiday Title

Published on December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays to you!

And as a gift to celebrate the season, here is a free holiday-themed title you can use in Final Cut Pro X (at least version 10.1.4 required). See a demonstration of what it looks like in the video above.

It might be a good title to use it in a holiday video you send to friends and family. (There's still time if you haven't done it already.) :)

Click this link to download the free Holiday Title.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Locate the "" file on your computer. (Likely in your Downloads folder or on your Desktop.)
  2. Unzip the .zip file after you download it. (Do this by double-clicking on the file within the Mac operating system.) This will create a folder called "Holiday Title 01".
  3. Move the "Holiday Title 01" folder into a folder called "Izzy Video" inside the Movies > Motion Templates > Titles folder. (If you don't have the Izzy Video folder, you can make it.) The structure should look like this:

    Movies > Motion Templates > Titles > Izzy Video > Holiday Title 01

  4. Holiday Final Cut pro X Title
  5. Verify that the holiday title is installed. Open Final Cut Pro X, open the Titles Browser, and click on the Izzy Video Category. You should see the Holiday Title 01 listed among the titles on your computer.

How to use the title:

The title is simple to use, but there are a couple things to note:
  • You can uncheck the box in the inspector to turn off the snow if you don't want it. (Depending on the speed of your computer, the snow can slow down playback because of all the particles).
  • Double-click on the text in the Viewer to edit the text if you want it to say something else.

I hope you enjoy this free Final Cut Pro X title! Again, Happy Holidays, and thanks for being part of the Izzy Video audience!

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