Kinetic Typography Technique: Popping Text

Published on May 17, 2017

Plain old text on the video screen can be boring.

That’s one of the reasons we sometimes use Kinetic Typography in our videos.

One common animation you might see is text that pops onto the screen.

It’s a high energy way to present text to your viewer. It catches their attention and adds an upbeat tone to your video.

Of course, it’s not always great for every video. You most likely wouldn’t use popping text for a tribute video at a funeral, for example.

Just like any effect, it’s smart to use it when it makes sense for the project.

Anyway, this new video demonstrates how to create popping text in Motion.

Along with showing how to set keyframes to create the popping effect, I’ll also cover these additional topics:

  • How to create an interesting background that contrasts nicely with the text.
  • A shortcut for copying colors from one element to another.
  • Definition of an anchor point and how it affects the animation
  • How to use a gradient to create a vignette effect
  • How to use the keyframe editor to see a visual representation of the animation.

I packed a lot into this one short video. I hope you find the information helpful.

I should also mention that if you want to get a more complete introduction to Motion, take a look at my Basic Motion course.


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