73 Ways to Make Money with Video

Published on February 8, 2013

Here are 73 ways to make money with video:

(And yes, there are many more than this. My goal is to get your creative juices flowing.)

  1. Shoot commercials
  2. Shoot music videos
  3. Shoot live band performances
  4. Shoot a documentary about a band and sell it to their fans
  5. Shoot public service announcements
  6. Shoot dance performances
  7. Shoot documentaries
  8. Shoot narrative films
  9. Shoot a television series
  10. Shoot a web series
  11. Shoot supplemental video for an ebook
  12. Shoot video of improv comedy sketches
  13. Shoot practical joke videos (and watch them go viral on YouTube)
  14. Shoot behind-the-scenes videos for YouTube stars
  15. Shoot training videos and sell them (i.e., guitar lessons, ballroom dance lessons, etc.)
  16. Shoot corporate promotional videos
  17. Shoot corporate training videos
  18. Shoot any corporate event (sales meeting, company trip, etc.)
  19. Shoot a promotional video for a book
  20. Shoot video of birth announcements.
  21. Shoot weddings or other important family events
  22. Shoot behind-the-scenes for a film
  23. Shoot behind-the-scenes for any big project
  24. Shoot a reality show
  25. Shoot news segments
  26. Shoot legal video (such as depositions)
  27. Shoot video of professional sports teams
  28. Shoot video of amateur adult sports teams
  29. Shoot video of kids' sports teams
  30. Shoot video of any competition (karate, chess, etc.)
  31. Make memorial videos for funerals.
  32. Shoot video of extreme weather.
  33. Shoot video of extreme sports.
  34. Shoot stock video and sell it on stock video sites.
  35. Shoot stock video and sell your own collections on your own site.
  36. Shoot aerial video.
  37. Shoot underwater video.
  38. Shoot real estate video tours of homes.
  39. Shoot real estate video of open houses.
  40. Shoot video of live plays.
  41. Shoot video of music recitals.
  42. Shoot video of high school musicals.
  43. Shoot video resumes for job seekers.
  44. Shoot corporate recruiting videos.
  45. Shoot video of trade shows.
  46. Shoot video for government organizations.
  47. Shoot video for your local chamber of commerce.
  48. Shoot video tours of theme parks.
  49. Shoot video tours of vacation areas.
  50. Shoot video tours of businesses.
  51. Shoot video tours of universities.
  52. Shoot video of university lectures.
  53. Shoot video for roofers that show off their completed work.
  54. Shoot video for landscapers.
  55. Shoot video for house painters.
  56. Shoot video for kitchen remodelers.
  57. Shoot video for bathroom remodelers.
  58. Shoot video for interior decorators.
  59. Shoot video for flooring companies.
  60. Shoot video for medical professionals.
  61. Shoot video of car shows.
  62. Shoot video tours of anything that people might want to see but can't attend live.
  63. Shoot video of fashion shows.
  64. Shoot video of rodeos.
  65. Shoot video of radio-controlled aircraft competitions.
  66. Shoot video of any competition.
  67. Shoot video for live-action segments of video games.
  68. Shoot video of astronomy-related events.
  69. Shoot video of animal rescue shelters.
  70. Shoot experimental art videos.
  71. Shoot safety videos.
  72. Specialize in live-streaming (any of the above topics).
  73. Become any kind of specialist in an aspect of video (Steadicam operator, etc.)

Again, I realize there are many more ideas out there. I'm hoping this will get your mental wheels spinning.

One additional recommendation I have for you:

Pick one area and focus on building it as your specialty. If you focus on one area, then you might "become known" in that area and find that people start referring you to others. Plus your confidence and skills in that area will increase, which will help you do even better work.

This will help you create an upward spiral of success in that niche. Good luck!

This article was last updated on March 28, 2019


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