The final stretch... My Advanced Final Cut Pro X course is almost done!

Published on May 18, 2012

I'm in the final stretch. It's almost done.

My Advanced Final Cut Pro X training is so close to being finished, I can barely stand it.

How long until it's done?

It's a matter of a few days at this point. I think probably early next week.

I'll send more details soon…

In the meantime, if you want to be on the early bird notification list so you know the moment it's released, please fill in your information here and click submit:

Edit: This is now available.

By the way, I've received plenty of nice feedback from people about my beginner's course. Here are a few things they've said:

Just wanted to thank you for the final cut pro tutorial. I was searching everywhere for something similar. And I must say that yours was/is by far the best!! It was clear, fun, well delivered and kept me intrigued right the way through. One of the best computer tutorials I have seen to date. Will be signing up to your site because of it :)

They are FANTASTIC... I would recommend these to everyone using FCPX!

I just have to tell you again how GREAT your tutorials are and how HELPFUL they continue to be. I watch them constantly on my Macbook and also on my iPod. And I always learn something new.

I've collected several Youtube Final Cut tutorials and NONE can touch what you've done. Your product is worth every penny and then some. It's nice to spend money wisely for a change.

Best of luck to you and THANKS again for the knowledge. You're a born teacher.

Dear Izzy,

I just finished watching your Final Cut Pro X Tutorial series. I found the clarity, level of detail, pacing, comprehensiveness, and degree of depth and repetition better than any tutorial I've ever seen for anything at all. Central to all of this was the obvious enthusiasm you have for the medium, and the great awareness you convey of your audience. I wasn't bored for a second, and am so grateful to you for having created a way for me to learn so much in so little time in such an enjoyable way. I'm totally excited by the software and look forward to making many videos with it for years to come.

Thank you so much for your efforts and for your own enjoyment of video making which is quite infectious!

Hi Izzy,

This is a fan letter, pure and simple. Your FCPX tutorials, which I found in a google search, have totally sold me on Final Cut Pro X. Being used to FCP7, I was baffled by the FCPX interface. Your videos are so clear and concise, you converted me to an enthusiastic FCPX users in an afternoon. Keep them coming!

THANK YOU!!!! Your training series brought peace to my mind. I am now very comfortable with the idea of purchasing FCPX and using it as my main tool. You did a fantastic job covering this product. Apple should give you kudos.

As always, you are awesome!!! If I were giving you public kudo's, here's what it would say.

As always, Izzy's videos are superb to the general masses of tutorials that are out there. If you are unfamiliar with his style, then spend a few moments searching Youtube, Vimeo and other sites regarding tutorials and you'll quickly realize that the combination of quality plus content is far above the rest. In the first few days after the release of Final Cut Pro X, I was searching Vimeo and Youtube for anything that helped to give a good overview and none of them did a great job. Izzy's latest tutorial is just awesome. Why, you ask? Izzy has the ability to provide all the essential information to get started using the product BUT also gives the explanation behind some of the terms. As an example, when he talks about "skimming" through a clilp, he demonstrates this feature as well as explains the term. This is great for newbies or anyone looking to advance beyond iMovie. I have watched too many tutorials that talk the lingo in that niche without explaining the terms and as a result, the effectiveness of the tutorial is just lost. Furthermore, with this series, Izzy has demonstrated how to use Youtube's 10-15 min time limit per video and combined them into a tutorial. Simply Brilliant!!!

Last, when I think of great teachers, Izzy is one of them. A good teacher not only can explain complex concepts without making you feel inferior but also answers the questions before you ask them. As I watched this tutorial, he did just that. Again, as an example, when speaking of how to add markers, he also answered the question (in my head) of how to delete them by demonstrating various methods. rock!!!

Hi Izzy,

I just finished looking at your FCPX training on-line. You have done a fantastic job of making the subject crystal clear. Before finding your course I had purchased a FCPX training course from a popular mac trainer. I must say that your course was easier to understand and covered more useful material in less time. Keep up the good work. You are very skilled at this.

I just finished you FCP X training video and wanted to give you some feedback. I thought it was perfect!

I watched your beginner tutorials and you did a phenomenal job. I've taken quite a few on-line software training classes over the years and yours have been the best.

Thank you so much for feedback like this. I work really hard to make great training, and I'm appreciative and humbled to get this kind of feedback.

And I'm really hoping you love my new Advanced Final Cut Pro X course (which should release any day now)!

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