New 10.3 Version of Final Cut Pro X! (and Motion, and Compressor)

Published on October 28, 2016

New Final Cut Pro X version 10.3

Yesterday Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro X. I’ve been digging into it since the moment it got released, and I really like it.

It’s only been one day, so I have plenty more to explore.

But here’s what is clear so far: It has a bunch of useful new features!

And of course I’m planning to cover them once I’ve had a chance to spend some quality time using them.

By the way, Motion and Compressor were also updated.

I should also mention that I’m going to be creating all new courses. These new updates are big enough to justify the effort. For example the interface changed dramatically.

My plan is to start by creating a new Basic Final Cut Pro X course, so you can watch for that one first.

I’ll keep you up-to-date as I make progress.

I get energized by useful updates. I have to say...These are some exciting times for media makers like us!

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