Q&A Session: August 14, 2015

Published on August 14, 2015

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Questions discussed in this session (and their start times):

  • 01:12 - When keying out the green screen, how do you get it to look NOT like a cutout?
  • 08:22 - Could you please explain Final Cut Pro X backups?
  • 09:22 - Why am I getting dropped frames in Final Cut Pro X even though I have fast connected drives?
  • 13:50 - How do you optimize media that's already in the library?
  • 15:00 - When I have too many layers in Final Cut Pro X, everything is slowing down. Is there a way to flatten the layers similar to Photoshop?
  • 17:18 - How do you create templates for displaying still images in videos?
  • 19:20 - What do you recommend for managing all the video files?
  • 25:54 - Can you recommend a small camera to carry around and shoot video with?
  • 28:19 - What color background do I prefer in my videos?
  • 29:02 - Where do you backup to?
  • 33:15 - Do you ever upsize video clips?
  • 35:20 - What size resolution for a photo do you use in video?
  • 35:40 - What is your favorite lavalier mic?
  • 38:10 - How can you prevent lens flare when you're shooting video?

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