Q&A Session: August 21, 2015

Published on March 28, 2019

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Questions discussed in this session (and their start times):

  • 01:49 - In Final Cut Pro X, how do I permanently delete media that I absolutely will never use?
  • 05:25 - What causes the moire in the video image? And what camera settings can you recommend for YouTube?
  • 10:32 - If I were to start a internet video show today, how would I monetize it?
  • 13:20 - My camcorder has no audio input. What's the best way to record good audio for my videos?
  • 15:29 - How can you use multiple formats from multiple camera sources together?
  • 17:10 - My Final Cut Pro X library isn't backing up. How often does it get backed up?
  • 19:43 - How can I prevent hot spots on cheeks when the talent is smiling?
  • 23:05 - How are proper settings for exposing for skin in a talking head shot?
  • 25:44 - Can you zip or compress a complete library to fit on a DVD or Blu-Ray?
  • 27:15 - Do you suggest keeping all of your project iterations in Final Cut Pro?
  • 30:45 - What's the best way to set white balance for green screen?

Additional Notes

  • The Final Cut Pro X automatic backup happens on my computer every 15 minutes, and I'm not aware of a way to manually change that.


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