Small Story: "Grandpa"

Published on February 3, 2015

Small Stories I'm excited to share a Small Story submission with you today.

If you've been following my recent posts, then you know that I've declared a Small Stories Manifesto and that I asked for submissions that I could share on this website.

I think good Small Stories can be both inspirational and educational for you.

I received many links to videos. Some of them ignored the guidelines. Several of them were quite good. And a few submissions were great.

I really like the one I'm sharing with you today. I think it does a nice job of telling a Small Story.

It's called "Grandpa", and it was created by Stephen Greszczyszyn.

Take a moment to watch it (under two minutes long):

A few things I really like about this Small Story:

  • The subject matter (the story of an active 99 year old) fits nicely into the 2 minute limit.
  • The story is told without narration. It doesn't need narration, which I think is uncommon in Small Stories.
  • The story doesn't use music, but it still holds my attention.
  • The cutaways successfully prove what the speaker is saying (evidence that he's active at his age).

When Stephen sent me the link, he mentioned things he'd want to improve about the video (color correction, for example), but even though this isn't 100% polished, it still succeeds as a Small Story.

If you've made a video that fits the Small Story guidelines, please send me the YouTube or Vimeo link. I want to watch it, and I'll continue to share my favorites on this website under the Small Stories category.

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