The Power of Spectacle

Published on May 10, 2008

Tim Street frequently talks about how important spectacle is in video. In fact, he says it's one of the three key components of a viral video, along with emotion and story. The dictionary defines spectacle as "anything presented to the sight or view, especially something of a striking or impressive kind". A more common way of describing it might be simply "something interesting to watch." This video is certainly "interesting to watch."

When I watch videos like this, I pay close attention to what's happening inside me. What does the video cause me to think and feel?

The above video certainly possesses spectacle. Have you ever seen any place like this? Surely, this type of environment is rare. In fact, in the beginning I wondered if it was simply a very elaborate 3D rendered environment.

What emotions do you feel when you watch it? I feel terror. I'm held in suspense.

And the story? I have no idea what the story is, but there is one just the same. I think it's similar to a "back story." Why is this person here? What has happened before this event that has brought them here?

Also, what's the story in the future? What's going to happen?

And the big question I was wondering, "Are they going to fall?"

This article was last updated on May 10, 2008


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