What course should I create next?

Published on July 4, 2010

I'm about to create a brand new course. I only have time to work on one right now, but I have three different ideas. I'd like to get your vote for which one I should create.

Here are the three ideas:

  1. Advanced Final Cut Express -- This course would cover a series of advanced techniques in Final Cut Express. I've made a long list of different segments I would include. I know many of you are Final Cut Express users, so I thought this might be a helpful course and a good supplement to the beginners one I've already created.
  2. Micro-documentaries -- This course would cover the elements of documentaries and help you create miniature documentaries. I've been calling them micro-documentaries, or motion scrapbooking. These are personal in nature, ways to tell your own stories.
  3. Motion - I'm certainly not an expert with motion graphics, but I'm pretty good with Apple's Motion, so I've been thinking about creating a course to help beginners get up and running with it.

Which do you prefer? Is there a different topic I didn't post here that you'd rather see?

I only have time to make one right now, so I want to make sure I start with the right one. Please cast your vote in the comments.


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