Who are you?

Published on September 16, 2010

Hi again!

I'm struggling with something, so I thought it would make sense to just tell you about it. Maybe you can help...

My audience appears to be diverse. Here are some of the groups of people I'm aware of (there may be a lot more):

  • Aspiring filmmakers
  • Business owners
  • People who work in their church media production departments
  • Video production university students
  • Videographers
  • Video hobbyists
  • News journalists
  • Teachers
  • Family video shooters
  • Video podcasters
  • Video bloggers
  • Non-video shooters (video editors)

Did I leave someone out? Who are you? How do you use video? I would love to know so I can make sure my videos are helpful to YOU.

Please let me know who you are and how you use video in the comments.... This would really help me. Actually, I suppose it will help me help you (borrowing a great line from Jerry McGuire).

All the best,



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